Why write a prologue?

Well, cause they’re awesome. That’s why.

End of post.

Actually, there’s a good many reasons why I choose to write prologues. I come from a screenwriting background and when writing screenplays I was always taught that the hook - or the opening scene - should be the one to reel you in. Readers and even movie-goers have an incredibly short attention span - so you got a very narrow timeframe to get in there - make them feel something about the characters and then - jerk the line to set the hook (it’s a fishing analogy, trust me, I looked it up.).

Also, it’s always good practice to shorten the scenes you are writing until there is absolutely no fluff. Like those monster bodybuilders I see in the gym as I walk by with my Cinnabon. Cut, lean, stripped of everything except what you absolutely need. If you can do that (in your story, that is) then you will have a high-octane thrill ride of a narrative that will keep people turning the pages, or swiping the screen, or however you guys and gals read out there.

The process is simple, and its the same principles as attending parties in person. Get in late and leave early. Start the scene at the height of action and then leave just before the conclusion leaving the reader wondering…what happened? I hope they are okay? etc. If someone reads your first chapter and has a bunch of questions about the welfare of the characters you have done your job as a writer.

Speaking of writing and stuff, Monster Factory is currently on Wattpad. Give it a read HERE and let me know what you think. By no means am I an expert on anything, writing included, but I get up every day, grab my coffee and keep hitting the keys because that’s what I love to do.

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