The Blackwell Witch

Who can save us from The Blackwell Witch?

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December 7th marks the release of the second story in the Milo Jenkins series: The Blackwell Witch! I am super excited to see what you guys think of this one. It was a lot of fun to write and even more fun because the winner of the “Be in the Blackwell Witch” contest, Betty Reynolds - helped me out immensely with the promotion.

Be on the lookout for special pricing and added giveaways coming soon! Stay tuned!

In the meantime you can get your paperback copy of the Blackwell Witch today right HERE!

ARC Team activated!

My very excellent ARC Team received an advance copy of the second Milo Jenkins book called, THE BLACKWELL WITCH on Tuesday and I await their comments, questions and concerns. I am madly writing the third book in the series tentatively titled FEAR MACHINE. I hope to have that one finished by the end of December.

Hope everything is well with you all and if you are reading this and thinking to yourself, how do I get on the ARC Team - fear not! You too can receive an advance copy of the Milo Jenkins books by simply clicking HERE and signing up!

MONSTER FACTORY now available as a pre-order on Amazon!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick word that today marked the first day that my family started decorating for Christmas. I know what some of you are thinking, but trust me, my wife loves Christmas and even getting her to wait this long to decorate took a mountain of convincing. Still, the house looks great with all the decorations and lights on outside. Also, holiday baking took off today with some delicious butter tarts and some chocolate dipped peanut butter balls. Hope you all are getting into the holiday season.

A few quick things: Monster Factory has been available on paperback for a bit now, but the ebook will be available for purchase on December 1st. I went exclusive on Amazon and I hope that doesn’t exclude any of my readers. I simply want to give Milo all the help he needs finding new readers and I am betting that being on Amazon is the best move right now.

Also, the winner of THE BLACKWELL WITCH contest has been selected and a congratulatory email was sent so if you are that lucky winner please send me a quick response so we can get this ball rolling!

The Blackwell Witch

Milo Jenkins The Blackwell Witch 1600 x 2560.jpg



Hello from rainy Southern Ontario!

Yes, it's raining here and probably will be for the next few days which is a perfect reason to stay inside with a warm cup of coffee, tea or whatever and curl up with a good book.

First some updates: I've completed the second book in the Milo Jenkins: Monster Hunter series titled: The Blackwell Witch. The book will be going to my editor shortly and ready for my ADVANCE READER COPY team to review. If you are interested in becoming part of my ADVANCE READER COPY team and read the Milo Jenkins books before anyone else click HERE and send me an email. My ARC TEAM (ADVANCE READER COPY team) has been awesome in suggesting story changes and letting me know what they like and don't like in each of Milo's adventures. Their comments and suggestions made a huge difference and made the story much, much better!

Next a quick note about reviews for Milo's first adventure, Monster Factory. If you have completed the book and would like to leave a review click HERE and this link will take you to the Monster Factory review page on GOODREADS! I really appreciate you taking the time and every review no matter how short or how long definitely helps!

All right on to the FREE stuff. My author friends and I have collected over 100 new books for you to devour over the next few weeks. The giveaway is called


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